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Music is an eternal traveler. It goes from one place to another and, in its journey, it is nourished by sounds and mores; it grows and branches out. Amalva knows this. She knows music is a living being that, like her, travels and nourishes itself with new sounds.

Based in Germany, Amalva has consolidated a musical career through discipline and dedication. For her, music is her life companion. That is why, in her career, this singer-songwriter from Bogota already has three albums: Regalo del Sur (2003), A place for my heart (2007), and Tristeza rumbera (2021).

Her music is a journey as her life has been. She lived in San Diego,  California, for four years where she began her musical career. Then she arrived in West Germany, shortly before the fall of the Wall. 

The world changes, and so does her and her music. The desire to transmit what she feels through her songs to embody her feelings led her to create, among other artists, numerous music groups. PICANTICA was one of the first salsa music groups in Berlin. LLAMARADA, a project in which she was accompanied by Adrian Cabrera from Argentina and other Latin American and European musicians and CALIMA, with musicians from Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru were some of them.

She also formed different duos, and over the years has sung with Laura Ferrio, Argentine guitarist; Cuban singer-songwriter Ricardo Moreno; Mexican singer Azahrel and Rodolfo Zeas, Nicaraguan guitarist. In recent years she has performed on different stages with musicians Eric Trejo (Mexican guitarist) and Rodrigo Santa Maria (Chilean composer and guitarist). She is currently working with Brazilian musicians Abrão y Jabuti (of great musical trajectory in Germany and Europe), with the great guitarist Manuel Guarneros (Mexican musician, who accompanied great Latin American artists such as Chavela Vargas, Oscar Chavez, and Alfredo Citarrosa), and with the outstanding Berlin Jazz saxophonist Regis Molina Through his passionate commitment to music, he has received many national and international awards (Berlin Blues and Jazz Awards winner 2007, Latin Grammy 2007, among others) and has shared the stage and studio worldwide with renowned musicians and bands.

Amalva has participated in dozens of shows in festivals, clubs, and theatres in Europe:

The Auditorium of the Technical University of Berlin; the cultural festival: “24 Stunden, Neu Köln”; the renowned jazz club “Yorck-Schlösschen”; “Junction-Bar”; at the “Staatsoper, Unter den Linden”, Presseball (2003); the Jazz-Festival at the Bergmannstrasse; the Karneval der Kulturen (one of the most important cultural festivals in Germany and Europe that brings together European and Latin American musicians) and the Lange Tafel (Festival for the dialogue between cultures, generations, and religions) are just some of the stages where Amalva has performed her music, leaving her heart in every song. 

She has also taken her talent to other stages such as Mavi and Se la Vie in Braga, Portugal, and her song “Vecindad incomprensiva”, included in the album “A place for my heart”, was featured in the German film “Weil ich schöner bin” in 2012.


  • 48 hrs. Neu-Köln: “Deja en mi huerto una canción” (Bolero by Amalva).
  • Universal Records: “One Day” (Amalva, arrangements by Diego Pinera).
  • Regalo del Sur (1st, CD-Produced by Amalva)
  • A place for my heart (2nd CD, produced by Amalva, arrangements: Javier Reyes and Carlos Labanda).
  • Tristeza Rumbera (3er CD, Amalva,music producer: Rodrigo Santa María).

Amalva will continue to promote her music in Europe and in Latin America while she prepares her next performances and works on her new musical material.

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